We provide professioinal expertise in the field of decorative concrete. These different techniques can be mixed to provide a variety of eye catching designs.

Stamped Concrete
Stamping adds texture to smooth concrete providing distinctive looks. With a wide selection of patterns and colors to choose from, fresh concrete as well as overlays, can be stamped to create beautiful driveways, patio's, walkway's, and even the floors in your home or office.

Stains and Dyes
With stains and dyes you can transform your concrete floors, and even verticle surfaces, into custom works of art. Coloring can be applied to new concrete, and existing troweled concrete, with the correct surface preparation. Application of coloring products can be used to acheive extraordinary visual results.

Boulder Creations
Using this technique hand shaped representations of natural looking rocks and boulders can be attained. Concrete is used to create stunning waterfalls, retaining walls, and columns. The light weight material used makes interior applications a possibility where the weight of natural rock would create archetectural disadvantages.

Concrete Countertops
A great alternative to granite, concrete can be casted to any size or shape imagainable. With the option of inlayed objects and custom colors concrete allows a greater range of design possibilities than other countertop building materials.

If you have existing concrete around your home or office, interior or exterior, overlaying offers the same design option as freshly poured concrete. With the correct surface preparation and application of materials overlays can dramatically improve the look of your existing concrete.

Specialized Services